35% off cosmetics

posted this on May 10th, 2012.
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We have a cosmetics sale again this week! This time it’s 35% and that’s a very good deal, for Lotro Store Cosmetic discounts are usually around 20%. The sale includes all body cosmetics clothing* (not cloaks), accessories, dyes and even … Continue reading

Newbie Blogger Initiative – What’s in a Name?

posted this on May 10th, 2012.
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When I started my first blog Misadventure in LOTRO back in 2008, I wrote under my character name. Several blogs later I now use my real name Roger Edwards. Because the current site is not purely about gaming (I cover movies and more) I felt dropping the gaming name was pertinent. It also has the advantage of being very bland and common place on the internet. Yet it is a real name which is ideal for the business side of things (advertising, sponsorship, begging etc.)

Having worked in IT for nearly two decades, I am aware of the importance of keeping your personal data online to a minimum. So although I use Facebook and Twitter and such like, they are purely for the promotion of Contains Moderate Peril. I keep a tight check on the amount of personal information that is out there and what I say via social media. I never talk about my personal views on politics, religion or anything that is an obvious invitation for an internet trolls. That’s not to say you can’t touch upon those subject in regard to your blogging. But referencing them is different kettle of fish to lecturing your readership about your personal beliefs.

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Reveller’s Gilded Cosmetics

posted this on May 10th, 2012.
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Full link: https://cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/revellers-gilded-cosmetics/

If just like me, you’ve been wondering why the 5th Anniversary loyalty cosmetics in the splash screens looked a little different from the real thing, here’s your answer! Exclusive cosmetics & mount, similar but not exactly the same as 5th … Continue reading