#LOTRO Store: Bone Set Available Through October

posted this on October 4th, 2013.
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Bone SetIt is October and that means a new store exclusive steed for LOTRO. Except that this month the offering is just for war-steed cosmetics, not a premium mount bundle like in the past.

To be clear: there is no travel mount included with this bundle, it is just war-steed cosmetics!

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New War-steed Cosmetic Bundles in the Store

posted this on December 27th, 2012.
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Returning to the Store:

Around the time Riders of Rohan launched, the LOTRO Store had a war-steed cosmetic set called the “Bone Set”. It was listed as a Limited Time item, but there was no indication anywhere that I could find of when it would be removed from the store. As far as I can tell, it was in the store for about a month before it was removed. I know many people were very disappointed about this, so hopefully the news that it is back in the store again will cheer them up.bone_set_rustbone_set_tail

The Bone Set is seen pictured here with Rust dye. It is currently 995 TP (and is again listed as “limited time”). One thing to note is that the tail piece does not dye (attempting to do so will only change the color of the mane/tail hair) and so it will stay the default pale purple of the set.

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