#LOTRO: New Talent and the Landroval Music Scene

posted this on September 13th, 2013.
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A lot of stuff has been running through my mind lately about the Landroval music scene. Before I go into what might turn out to be a truly epic rant, I have to toss out a few disclaimers.

  1. I am not calling any one group of people or bands out. Please don’t take this as a personal attack, dually so because I’m not even planning on mentioning any one particular act.
  2. I absolutely WELCOME discussion about this, whether you agree with me or not. I’ve been speaking to people regarding this issue, and I’ve heard multiple opinions from multiple groups. Some agree with me, some don’t. But as long as we’re talking about it, that is a move in a positive direction.
  3. No one particular (or even recent) occurrence sparked this, despite what you may hear from well-meaning (but uninformed) sources. I’ve seen it happen multiple times, and I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I feel like I finally have a big enough soapbox to say something about it.
  4. To that end, this has absolutely nothing to do with getting me more exposure. I’ve got more than my fair share, y’all. Furthermore, DTMF doesn’t often play even random shows anymore anyway because we are Busy Adults with Many Important Things to Do. I do not WANT and couldn’t really commit to a regularly scheduled show because frankly, I don’t care, and on top of that I’m too dang busy. And so is everyone else in the band. So there you go on that one.

A few of you might have seen my run of tweets from last weekend. For those of you who haven’t, here they are:

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Weatherstock Concert Series: The Chosen Few

posted this on June 25th, 2013.
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The Weatherstock Concert Series gives our bands the opportunity to present themselves and their music to the Landroval audience with undivided attention to only them for at least an hour (at Weatherstock itself, they will only play for 15-20 minutes maximum). You will … Continue reading

Grand Stand: Toe Jam

posted this on June 23rd, 2013.
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This is part of a weekly Q&A spotlight on new or unfamiliar bands that stand out and deserve the recognition!

With wiggling toes and swaying hips, a tide road in from the Green Hill Country of the Shire and whistled keenly woven tunes that drifted aloft through Bree-land

Toe Jams (Feet Kinship)

Fionah, Freyyo, Fryerstad, Flootnod and Fryerfried of “Toe Jam”

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Escaping for Ales & Tales

posted this on June 21st, 2013.
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There I was, face to face with a drooling growling Warg scout, eyes blood shot red with anger. I was so close that the condensation of his hot breath collected on the sleek sheen of my lute. With a swift stroke of my strings, I released a resounding series of notes as my ballad drove the terror of the Lone Lands kneeling to the ground. With a swipe of my Herald’s strike, the final bit of life left the ferocious fiend as it laid crumpled upon the Great East Road. Yet again, the roads are safe for travel for any riders heading towards the Misty Mountains. But, this is enough stress to befuddle the tunes of any Bard!

To relieve the tension of such a fight, Ales & TalesI made my way to Bree. For a Hobbit, who is used to the grassy rolling knolls of the Green Hill Country, Bree is full of just so much more, and everything is just….bigger! So, there I was strolling through market stalls I could barely reach up to as I followed the road from the West Gate of Bree till I turned left just before the Inn Gate. Heading north I followed the trail as it led up the nearby Bree Hill as it wound around the slope as I passed a few Hobbit holes, that was surprisingly planted on the hill of a land known for the race of Man. Continuing, the path lead around the slope as I found my way to a bit of crumbled ruins that looked to be the remains of a watch tower. But, tour guide aside, the reason I made my way to this point was for the gathering of so many people. Standing and dancing about were peoples from all parts of Middle-Earth. There were Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, and Man alike all gathered together!

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Busting the floor at the Trapdoor

posted this on June 20th, 2013.
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Trapdoor TavernFinding myself once again trekking along, I wound up hearing about the Grand Opening of the Trapdoor Tavern in celebration of Saturday’s Ministock concert. Now immediately, one may be wary about potential death and entrapment just from the very look and name of the place, but I bucked up and decided to check it out! Located at 2 Highspire Street, Vetbrak neighborhood of Thorin’s Hall Homesteads. The walk to get there is in the mountain, a bit dark and dismal, but only until you get inside!

I was immediately greeted by the lovely Trapdoor Tavernhostess Mirinaeth. Being the grand opening, the first 10 customers were awarded with door prizes, that included 100s, a housing decoration, and clothing dye! Who does that better, but the Trapdoor Tavern.

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A Dancing thrill with the Green Hill

posted this on June 19th, 2013.
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Just like many other moments when one is off doing their part in protecting the lands from the encroaching darkness, all fight and no play makes a completely unforgettably and irresistible Bard, par boiled and with out joy.

Green Hill Music SocietyToday I found myself returning to the lands of my birth, the green hills of the Shire. Nestled comfortably outside the Bird and Baby Inn in the north quarter of Michel Delving, the talented Green Hill Music Society gathered for their weekly concert.

With the sun setting beyond in the western sky, the sky was awash with a cascading orange sunset as the vibrant color beamed down upon the gathered dancers and onlookers as they enjoyed soft soothing music that would calm any rabid Warg. To bad they couldn’t follow me into Evendim! Imagine that, a pocket band on demand! Oh well. Guess I’ll have to settle with giving myself an excuse to return to the civilized cobble streets of the Delving and enjoy some drink as I listen to music Green Hill Music Societyfinding some beautiful miss to cast a wink! With the sun disappearing beneath the horizon, the moon drifted as softly as the music in the air as it rose and danced with the stars beyond it. And rising slowly over head as the ballads of the bardic whom caressed the ears of the audience, the Scorpion appeared.

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Supergirl – Thane of the Eastemnet

posted this on March 1st, 2013.
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I once said that I really needed a Who’s Who guide to Thanes and Reeves of Rohan. I got my chance when the Witan was called to convene on the matter of what to do about the enemies that threatened our land. What is a Witan? Good question… I had the same question of Edgal when he was telling me about the meeting. “The Witan is an ancient rite, a meeting among the leadership of the plains.”

Landroval: Twelfth Night Ball [Player Event]

posted this on January 4th, 2013.
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The Lonely Mountain Band Kinship is throwing a Twelfth Night Ball in the Hall of Fire this January 5th at 2pm /servertime on Landroval.

They have 5 bands booked for 3 hours of music, social dancing, pipeweed smoking, and cake!  There will be cake, no lie.  This cake will be very like the cake in the Smith of Wootten Major, so chew carefully…

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Huge Multi-Raid Battle in the Ettenmoors

posted this on December 10th, 2012.
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Last week on my weekly YouTube Creep show, our group was fortunate enough to be on during one of the biggest engagements ever in the Moors and definitely the biggest fight since Rohan’s Release.  Starting around 6pm Server time the fight began with one Creep raid vs one Freep raid.  This quickly changed when Ivan came on and started making a group the raids doubled to two Creep raids vs two Freep raids.  There were also several individuals running around as independents.  In total Ivan and I estimate the numbers to be around 60+ vs 60+.

What was really weird was that from 9pm to around 11pm Server Time we had one unbroken engagement which is really weird because usually in the Moors you will have a 20min engagement and then one side will gain the upper hand and the fight will move to a different spot.  This fight was so long likely because the spawn points between the two sides was only around 3min and with the ebb and flow the closer you get to one side the faster re-enforcements can make it.  This caused the fight to constantly move back and forth between the spawn points but it never stopped and neither side had to retreat to a keep for protection.  It was really interesting because this crazy, chaotic experience was Pineleaf’s first time to be in a raid battle.  Since this was such a large scale battle it was very hard to control the battle and so Pineleaf now thinks that raids are pure chaos when in reality raids are usually very organized and controlled…I guess we will have to help him get the right opinion moving forward.

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Fellowship Walk Final Walk Tonight!

posted this on October 24th, 2012.
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We have done it! Not only have we surpassed our $7,000 goal for the month long of fundraising, we have also breezed by the $8,000 goal.

As I write this, $8,227.25 has been donated to Child’s Play to help provide toys and games to kids in children’s hospitals around the world!

You made this possible. Thank you. I am so incredibly proud of the LOTRO Community! Thank you everyone for your support!

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